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#roadtrip to Phoenix to see one of my besties for a couple days! I am digging the natural look and my skin has been thanking me for it :)
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@nikkisimpsontattoos blasted my left knee today @istaritattoostudio with her amazing artwork. The right knee was cool tones and this left one is more fiery tones. Still symmetrical but different. So pleased with the result!

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Pick up the latest @altgirlsmag and you will find me in it with my set with @silviapaveri ^.^
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MUAH: @makeupartistmorg
Designer/Location:@ocwonderlandstudios #ocwonderlandstudios
Ink: @nikkisimpsontattoos #nikkisimpsontattoos
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Where do I go to get a decent size poster of you for my tattoo shop?..
tatsoul38 asked

I have a few posters on sale:

Intimidate is my biggest one at 24 x 36

I have other sizes of Delicate bigger than 11x17 just dont have them listed and I can’t remember off the top of my head, although they are not as big as the 24x 36 poster. Most people liked the 11 x17 size which is why I didn’t list them.  I am willing to give you the bigger Delicate poster for the 11 x 17 price if you order today :)

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Can u please be my mistress ?? U are fucking awesome I love all about you
Anonymous asked

Thank you for the lovely compliment but no…. I am merely a work of art and your darkest fantasy <3

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Watch how it’s done from the PROS! Make sure you subscribe to @officialh2ocean YouTube channel to check out videos from @h2oceanproteam & @h2oceanloyalty Artists @mykechambers @bobtyrrell @rember_tattoos @bigceeze @marshallbennett @kristeloreto @clintcummings_sucks @ron570tattoos @stefanoalcantara @joseperezjrtattoos @steventefft and @biggusink !
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Recently went on vacation to the Caribbean for a week on board The Allure of the Seas (Royal Caribbean). Figured I would share some of the pictures I took while I was there :)

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(Part Three) P.S "Five Finger Death Punch" still satisfies a certain aspect of my metal palate.
Anonymous asked

Hello! Thank you for your kind words in Part One. Where is Part Two? I seemed to have missed that one. I can show you way better metal than FFDP :P Maybe we can discuss that next time I see you!

Warm Regards,Mischief Madness

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Here are a few shots from my #vacation to the #Caribbean a few weeks ago.
I uploaded a few videos to my YouTube and will be posting lots more on my Tumblr. Underwater pictures soon to come!
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You may not remember me from Saturday night but you said to get on here to find you! But are you going to the Children of Bodom show in town in October??
boogitaba asked

Don’t think so. I haven’t been scheduled for any interviews at that show and if it is on a weekend I can’t go. When is it again?