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Model: #mischiefmadness #mischief_madness
Photo: @jayzamoraphotography #jayzamoraphotography
HMUA: #michellerockwell
Ink: @nikkisimpsontattoos #nikkisimpsontattoos
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iporadio: resident DJ Mischief Madness interviewing bands at Summer Slaughter in Mesa, AZ.

1) Jason Keyser of Origin
2) Matt Sotelo of Decrepit Birth
3) Michael Keene of The Faceless
4) CJ McMahon and Lee Stanton of Thy Art Is Murder
5) Alex Hofmann of Fallujah
6) Joe Cocci and Tim Goergen of Within the Ruins

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I will be rocking the airwaves today at IPO Radio for our official launch party. I will also be taking your requests and questions via our FB fan page and Twitter accounts. If you are an independent artist and would like to join the increasingly growing family at IPO Radio, send us your music and we will play you alongside amazing national acts. Here at IPO, we believe even the little guy needs to be heard!

Twitter: @IPO_Radio

We are Live All day today for our special Station Launch Party. Tune in here
IPORADIO Station lauch Show today. We have the IPORADIO Station Launch Party all day from 10am till 11pm, we extended the party an extra hour for all the listeners today. Special callins today from Bands/Artists like – Downset, BLACKBURNER Halcyon Way Varga, Die So Fluid ART OF SHOCK Psychostick Matt Casket from All Else Fails Moth , Alek Darson Watch Them Fly 6 Prong Paw and a very special callin you’ll have to wait till it happens that day to find out who. Also special live guests that day like Stacc Styles Jonathan Russell , Brad Phipps, and members of bands – A Fall To Break Stands With Fists Scars We Bare and more. Plus you’ll get to meet all the great djs – Mischief Madness, Nathan Shoemaker, Manda Do’Urden, Tina Wells, Tommy Firestone, Karina Levine, Isabel Uzcategui, Gypsy and more. You don’t want to miss July21st on IPORADIO.COM

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New hair, new look! Thought it would be a neat idea to show everyone my transformation. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! #selfiesaturday #beforeandafter #mischiefmadness #mischief_madness #altmodel #cheekpiercings #tattoomodels #missgirls #h2oceanmodels

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New hairs! This time more black than red, bangs, and overall a more natural look. Had to tone it down for my cruise to the Caribbean in 2 weeks since I will be doing allot of swimming in the ocean. This trip it is gonna be strickly R&R and no work!
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Model: #mischiefmadness #mischief_madness
Photo: @codywaynephoto

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Finally my back is complete! So thankful to @nikkisimpsontattoos for taking on this huge rework. There was about 40 hours prior to Nikki and she added another 35 hours or so. I am incredibly pleased with her work and can’t wait to start my next piece with her. :)

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Model: Mischief Madness
HMUA: Michelle Shortt
Accessories: Bang Your Head Clothing
Photo: Isaac Madera Photography

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Hi, its Captain Stephen. Just wondering if my parcel ever got to you Michelle?
stephenchledowski asked

Hello Stephen!

Thank you so much for the parcel in the mail! It was incredibly thoughtful of you to send me these tokens from your country and military life. I have never been to Canada and I hope to visit sometime in this lifetime. Hopefully I can learn a little bit of French before I visit so I do not feel so out of place :P I hope your French lessons are going well! I am fluent in English and Spanish. At one point I was on my way to being fluent in German since I took lessons for 5 years and took part in a student exchange to Germany when I was in high school. Unfortunately, I had no one to practice with and lost most of the language.

I appreciate your honesty and openness in your writings. We have many things in common and even though I do not reply to all of your messages, just know that I do read them all. One message you wrote me in particular sounded like it came straight out of an erotic novel! It was very well written and I can see now why you are a published writer. I am glad I can be your muse and hope to inspire you in future writings.

I appreciate all of your support and I will try to post more YouTube Videos. I may start doing Vlogs to mix it up a bit but I find myself short on time! Looks like I will have to slow down on modeling to finish my internship as an embalmer. The whole situation is stressing me out. I don’t want to slow down because I am doing so well but I can’t let my education go to waste for something that I know is just for fun and temporary. I keep telling myself that I am too colorful of a bird to settle in a job that is so serious but unless the radio show I do starts giving me weekly paychecks (highly doubtful since we are barely launching on the 21st of July) I am going to have to do something to ensure my stability for the future.

I am hopeful though that everything will work itself out in the end. I am so thankful for coming this far. It will not be the end of my modeling career and I can ensure that my education will be put to good use by finishing up my internship.

Again, thanks so much for your support and thoughtfulness <3